Victoria College in Bingen on the Rhine: Call for Research

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Bingen on the Rhine is not only the title of a well-known poem, but also famous for its landscape: the Rhine Romanticism begins here, at the confluence of the Rhine and Nahe rivers, directly at the Mäuseturm and the “Bingerloch”, which has only been passable for shipping since 1841. Before that, numerous underwater reefs endangered ships – similar to the well-known Loreley a few miles downstream on the Rhine.

In the 19th century, it was mainly British people who visited Bingen. Some of them were long-term tourists, others used the trade routes, which had been very good since Roman times, to sell their goods in Germany. The Bingen wine trade also attracted many of them to Bingen.

It is all too likely that the various sports were played in Bingen on the Rhine at an early stage, especially the different types of football. There were enough pitches in the town and in the immediate vicinity. As is so often the case in continental Europe, the sports were a bring-along of UK tourists and traders.

If one goes in search of traces, one is surprised to find that the oldest mention of a football match only dates back to 1893. Equally surprising is the school institution whose students formed a football club and played against other students in Wiesbaden: Virtually nothing is known about Victoria College in Bingen on the Rhine.

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