Female Referees in Men’s Football

There are always more female football referees in men’s games, but only the names of a few are known. In 2021, I tried to collect as many of them as possible so that we can call them by name.

There are of course differences in the national men’s leagues and international competitions. In some, many women are appointed as female football referees – for different reasons: Less differentiation between the sexes, better support for women by the association and mentors or other.

But which female referees and assistant referees have been in men’s football in the continental competitions and in the national 1st division? Or are they still? You can find the answer here: To date, there have been at least more than 200 female referees in football. On Nachspielzeiten, my weblog dedicated to football rules and referees, you can find their names and when and where they were first appointed. (In English!)

Do you know better?

It is indeed the case that my database is comprehensive, but probably still not 100% up to date, because I don’t find out every career end (despite Google Alerts) or only a few have given me feedback on my request to the national associations.

In other words, my data is well researched, but may not be complete. I try to update the overviews constantly – maybe with your help, too? Additions are always welcome per e-mail


Female referees in football – All in top men’s football

On this page you find all match officials are sorted first by their continental association, further down in alphabetical order.

Female referee milestones – in men’s top football

The very first known female referee in a football match was Edith Klinger from Austria in the mid-1930s. She was not followed by other women refereeing a football match until the 1960s and 1970s.

Known are: Klaske Stolp (Netherlands, in 1963), Asaléa “Léa” de Campos Fornero Medina (Brazil, in 1967), Drahşan Arda (Turkey, in 1967), Sabine Asgodom (Germany, in 1969), Gloria Ramirez (Guatemala, in 1970), Munira Ramadan (??, in 1975), Wendy Toms (England, in 1976), Sonia Denoncourt (Canada, 1978) and Ghislaine Peron-Labbé (France, in 1978).

What happened later? This article revolves around the milestones of female football referees in recent decades.

All female teams in men’s top football

All female teams refereeing men’s football. What a mixture in football, which is otherwise strictly separated into women’s football and men’s football. Female referees in professional men’s football have existed since the 1990s. Now, a fairly steady number of all female teams can be seen from the mid-2010s onwards.

This overview gathers all All-Female-Teams in continental competitions of men’s football as well as nationally in the first division.

⚠️ Note: The data for this list has been researched, verified and selected to the best of our knowledge. Nevertheless, the sources for some women are very limited. In addition, I only have knowledge in the European languages, which are more widespread in the world. Therefore, not all data is watertight. I am very happy to receive corrections so that the information is as correct as possible for all of us. Thank you very much.