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A guest post? A podcast interview? An expert talk on TV? Or a lecture for referees?


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My topics

  • Origin and development of football rules (and their meaning & purpose)
  • Jews in German Football
  • The Emergence of Modern Football

My approach

  • Understanding through knowledge
  • Source-critical methodology
  • Efficient and thorough
  • Scientifically based
  • Easy understandable

For less why and more aha.

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✍️ Writing

From books to scientific papers to magazine stories.

🎙 Talk

Lecture or interview


For whom: Referees


  • An overview lecture on the rules of soccer (alternatively, lectures on individual rules are also possible).
    1. the development of the rules from 1815 until today
    2. the 10 most important rule changes
    3. the development of the offside rule
    4. historical rule questions (to loosen up)
    5. the indirect kick/the pass
    6. why there are referees
  • The beginnings of modern soccer and the first men’s World Cup in 1930 (Soccerex Heritage 2021)
  • Influence of Covid-19 on soccer (m & f) in Germany (Edinburgh Critical Studies in Sport)


For whom: Magazines and newspapers as well as auditory and visual media.


🤝 Support

“Pick my Brain” or consulting

For whom: Use my knowledge to improve your offer.


  • The IFAB

All my offers include: the preliminary talk, the target and performance agreement including fixed price and deadline, if applicable also interim results and travel expenses.